Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tory economy.

George Osborne 2010 Conservative Budget

It was the second short phrase that grabbed my attention immediately:
"The shadow chancellor promised that voters would learn more details about the Conservatives' own plans for the economy before the election."

George Osborne is saying that the Tories may finally reveal some of their elusive policies, this time regarding the economy.
You would have thought that by now, less than 2 months before the election, that the Tories would have actually told someone what their plans are....I mean, I'm beginning to doubt whether even members of their own party know what Conservative policies are.

Without the airbrushing and the "I'm rolling my sleeves up see - I'm one of you!" look, Cameron literally has nothing to offer people of the UK according to his own election strategy.
To top it all off, M&C Saatchi (the company behind the failed 1997 Tory election) are back in the picture for the first time since '97.

If (and only if) they get in, then we will see the real Conservatives - the resurrected Thatcher.

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