Sunday, 28 March 2010

George Osborne, you are the weakest link; Goodbye.

George Osborne is the 'weakest link' in Tory team
As usual, read the article then read my commentary.

I think Labour has done precisely the right thing. If Gordon Brown and his cabinet are pulled into mudslinging, name calling, and poster campaigns with blown up images of Cameron in black and white with dark and dismal foretelling - then they would be fighting a losing battle.

They are choosing to trust the electorate (a very risqué move) and are striking at Tory policies, or rather lack of, to expose them for the phonies they are.
If they can show the electorate that the only real Tory promises are the same ones made 10,20,30,40 and 50 years ago. Their pledge to undermine worker, and lets not forget human, rights (we wouldn't want to forget the lack of human rights in the UK before Blair's labour, and of course Bobby Sands), their pledge to wipe out nationalised industry and the public sector, their pledge to eliminate the safety nets for poorer families and the whole welfare system.

By striking there, Brown shows not only his own integrity and leadership, but more importantly exposes Cameron as little more than a talking puppet.

Thanks for reading, this has been a public service announcement from your local neighbourhood Tory Basher.

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