Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And this is why....

First, read the article.

Then read this copy&pasted comment from a registered member of the guardian:

22 Feb 2010, 8:57PM

As a formerly floating voter, I think what turned me from the Tories was their leaderships' total misrepresentation of the causes of the current recession. Instead of blaming irresponsible lenders and borrowers, casino banking and under-regulated financial markets they chose to blame public spending and calling quite vigorously for cuts in public services.

Now, there may indeed be a need to cut public spending, but public spending had nothing to do with the causes of the recession. The public deficit is a symptom, not the disease. On reform of the financial sector they have shown a lack of policy, and what policy there is has been vague and in some cases desperate (see the 'people's bonus' article.)

And what concerns me most at present is the economy, I am trying to progress in my career and am finding it difficult due to the lack of jobs at present. I don't believe that the Conservative party has a credible program for reforming a system which is ruining our economy, namely the de-regulated financial markets, and their deflection of blame for the crisis onto public spending, combined with their extensive connections to those whose dodgy practices caused the reccession makes me believe that they aren't serious about getting the economy back on it's feet and instead are using the crisis as a means to carry out an ideologically driven transfer of wealth from the state to the private sector.


He hits the nail on the head.

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