Sunday, 28 March 2010

CLP Annual Dinner

Ok, so I attended the annual constituent labour party dinner on Friday for my constituency.

I'd never been before so I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. But I realised quite quickly that it's purpose was about boosting morale, raising confidence and solidifying members faith in the party.

Our guest speaker was the Secretary of Work and Pensions, Yvette Cooper, and i was surprised at how ell she spoke. Her speech was funny, engaging and got the key points across without dragging the tone down too much.
I have to say it did reinvigorate me and make me feel more wanting to help the party out.

So yes, thought I'd say that I did enjoy the evening (and the grub was lovely, beef dinner followed by Orange and Lemon Gateau, and a good dinner is always a big plus).

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