Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'I've never voted Tory before....'

Before you do, or protest and vote Lib Dem, consider this:

Under Tory governments the NHS fell into dire disrepair.

- Waiting lists for diagnosis of illnesses were months long.
- Waiting lists for scans such as MRI were up to a year long.
- Waiting lists for treatment left a 5% chance of people dying whilst waiting, with the lists spanning months for patients requiring important surgery such as a triple bypass.

Under New Labour:

- ALL waiting lists reduced to MERE TENS, most waiting lists being around 20 patients.
- Cheaper as people no longer need to pay 10,000 quid to go private to receive care.
- If someone needs immediate medical attention such as important surgery, this can happen in only a few days.
- Survival rates destroying those under Tories.

Why would any sane person vote Tory? Do you WANT to return to the terrors of Thatcher or the decay of Major?

Britain needs to look forwards, into the future. We don't need David Cameron pulling his sleeves up, slicking his hair back and telling us it's all gonna work itself out.

I started with a Tory campaign quote, and now i'll finish it;
'I've never voted Tory before, and i never will'

You never realise how good you have it until you've lost it. Don't make that mistake.

There's a lot of reasons to vote labour. But i'm not gonna write them all out..would take waaaay too long. So be content that i've given you a push to find out yourselves!

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