Sunday, 31 October 2010

No Pasaran

'No Pasaran' has been re-adopted by Anti-Fascists such as UAF
So, I don't usually post such blatant socialist 'propaganda' ...But when I'm blogging about anti-fascism, then I have every right to.
I don't know if any of you saw the videos or news footage of the recent EDL rally in Leicester, but since I live there, I bore witness. I saw their taunting, their rally cries of racist fascism, Nazi-like salutes.... But I also saw communities come together to fight this. Unite Against Fascism, who recently re-envisaged 'No Pasaran' using it in response to the growth of 'English Nationalism' better known as 'Fascists'. People of all religions and colours came together against the EDL en mass to protect themselves as well as places like mosques.
The EDL were violent, and aggressive. Just google it, better yet, search for videos. It really is disgusting what they were like.

With these spending cuts hitting the poorer and working class hardest, to the point of wiping out some local economies and mass unemployment, and the growth in support for nationalism.... I think it's about time Unions gathered, and reorganised to hold strong against a government intent on destroying the working class and a group of (mainly) working class out to institute hatred and fascism. We all need to take a lead out of the international brigades' book and make a bid to combat these Europe wide cuts and Europe wide growth of nationalism - although the EDL has had little success expanding overseas.

No Pasaran.To cuts. To Fascists.


  1. The "EDL" are not "English nationalists" as demonstrated by the Union Flags, Rule Britannia and whenever they're interviewed there banging on about Britain and Britishness.

    English nationalists want nothing to do with Britain.

    "re-envisaged 'No Pasaran' using it in response to the growth of 'English Nationalism' better known as 'Fascists'."

    English nationalists are fascists? Really? That's why their top demand is an English parliament and more democracy rather than less - hardly fascistic is it?

  2. The EDL's official line may be one thing, but their actions are something else completely.

    The EDL is just the next emination of English Nationalism. As the National Front fell, and the BNP now falling, the EDL are just 'the next thing'.
    They're called the English Defence League... I mean, if that doesn't spell it out, then their 'insignia' of St. George's cross with the name of their branch, most certainly does.
    You see Israeli flags at some EDL rallies - that doesn't make them multicultural people, it just means they're picking up other groups of racist extremists, in this case more anti-islam organisations.

    So their PR team toots support for progressive democratic reforms? That doesn't make them any less fascist as a group of people, in the same way that having a Sikh leader doesn't suddenly make them non-racist. Fascism isn't JUST about support for a dictator, it's support for authoritarian regime. And supporting overriding people's human rights, evicting UK citizens based on colour/religion/ sexuality etc (yes, the EDL are anti-gay, even if they have a 'wing' of gay people, the bulk of the actual members would probably beat a gay peson up if they cornered one in an alley) as well as a whole range of oppressive authoritarian ideals.... Kind of sounds like every other dictatorship I've ever studied.

  3. it hartens me to here you talking sense tom its so depressing hearing the bullshit people are comingh out with incluesing the above comment

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