Saturday, 7 August 2010

16 Votes - A chance at real change.

Liam's campaign page on the Battlefront II website.
You may or may not have heard of Channel 4's project called 'Battlefront'.
"Battlefront is an online/on-telly Channel 4 project starring a crew of 14-21-year-olds with big ideas, big hearts and big ambitions. With the help of experienced mentors and a dedicated Battlefront team, Battlefronters turn their issues into fully-fledged campaigns and set off on a journey to achieve something incredible."
(Link to video with further info)

 Well one of the young people competing to be picked as the 12th campaigner is Liam Young, from Lincoln in the UK. His campaign is about lowering the voting age in the UK to 16, and he already boasts the support of David and Ed Miliband as well as both Sarah and Gordon Brown.
Although other campaigns have been launched in the past, Liam is truly committed and has a real chance of finally catapulting the debate into the media and governmental limelight to hopefully pass it into legislation. He has also received the backing of several left leaning blogs, this blog included. I would like all readers to please pledge support for his campaign by visiting this link and pressing the 'Vote' button.

Liam's '16 Votes' campaign logo.
He also has a website at as well as an introductory video to his campaign if you want more info.

Finally, to help fund his campaign Liam is having wristbands created, please pledge support by voting for his campaign and then buying one of the wrist bands right here.


  1. Why does everything have to be 'big' these days?

  2. Voting at 16 is a nonsense.

    Brown clutched at it in his desperation for votes so as not to be the most ridiculous prime-minister in history.

    At 16 you have no great life experience and are probably not paying taxes, so why the arrogance to believe that you should be enfranchised ?


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