Thursday, 1 April 2010

Brokeded Britain

So we keep hearing about this ''Broken Britain''.
And by keep hearing, I mean repeated over and over by Tory 'Strategists' (I use the term loosely, after all running back to Saatchi - a strategy? Pff...) of course.

So yes, apparently we're broken. When you see a old woman trying to cross the road during rush hour and the traffic doesn't let up - it's because society is broken.
When passers by don't leap heroically onto the road to help the woman cross - it's because our sense of morality has degraded.
When you skip that red light, because you're in a rush and nobody is crossing - it's because the social impact of having 'hand-outs' has conditioned you into believing that you can do what you want when you want without consequences.

But fear not! David Cameron has a plan!
That's right! That old woman you didn't help across the street? She's gonna bust your ass.
No, but in all seriousness - have you seen the wording used? 'Dormant bank and building society accounts', who makes that decision? 'Payment-by-Results', again, who makes the call? the entire article is laden with phrases that are open to interpretation.

I'd like to challenge whether or not Britain is in fact 'broken'. What evidence do the Tories actually have?
Teenage pregnancies and knife crime are two Tory favourites;
  • Teenage Pregnancies have gone down and down since the 1970's, being almost half they were then.
  • Knife crime is constantly lowering, lower now than under previous Tory governments.
So yeah, I guess constantly improving must be a sign we're broken....
You go the now famous Glasgow Easterhouse estate, and ask the residence if things are getting worse. Oh wait, people already have; the money being poured into these areas under Labour has benefited so many, creating opportunities such as jobs and better education. A new school has been built in the area alongside a large shopping complex opening up jobs, which combined with education has led to aspirations not just to work there, but to one day manage it.

Before you buy Tory shares, why not actually look at them (No, not the airbrushed for change, I mean their "policies") Which Labour have time and time again exposed as weak and in some cases, plain wrong.

Ok, so multiple people have said they doubted my figures. In fact my figures are deadly accurate backed up by government statistics and in clear view of the public here
Got to the title 'Trends in teenage pregnancy' and you'll see the numbers.

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